Module Handbook

MSc Health Information Management

The module handbook offers detailed information on the contents of the individual courses, e.g. contents, learning objectives, requirements for attendance time and self-study, course type (e.g. seminar, lecture, exercise, etc.), target group size, possible examination forms.

The mandatory modules are:
MMI-301: Advanced Technologies and Methods of Data Analysis
MMI-302: Statistical Data Analysis
MMI-303: Key Qualifications
MMI-304: Key Competences
MMI-305: Master Thesis

The elective modules are:
MMI-320: Project Management in Clinical Research and Clinical Study Coordination
MMI-321: Management of Development and Monitoring Data
MMI-322: Data Collection and Management Systems in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
MMI-323: Quality Management, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs for Product Development and Lifecycle Management
MMI-324: Tasks and Processes
MMI-325: Study Project - Main Focus on Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
MMI-330: Quality Improvement in Health Care
MMI-331: Qualitative Research Methods
MMI-332: Data Collection and Management Systems in Health Care and Health Services Research
MMI-333: Care Research and Care Management
MMI-334: Health Systems and Health Economics
MMI-335: Study Project - Main Focus on Healthcare and Health Services Research